Chechu – CUERNOS DE CHIVO Solar Artists

Chechu started playing the guitar at the age of 16 and at 18 he became part of the Spanish technical deathmetal band “No Fate”.

On his 21st birthday, he received the proposal to be the new guitarist of Cuernos De Chivo, and with it he fulfilled the dream of being part of one of his idolized bands. During his career, he has been an endorser of Schecter Guitars for almost 3 years.

Cuernos de Chivo, was formed in 2005. In these almost fifteen years, Cuernos de Chivo has become one of the most active bands in the Spanish scene, having recorded four albums, participated in numerous national and international compilations and performed at important festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Criminal Hardcore Fest, Alburock Fest, etc.

They have not stopped playing live across the country, sharing the stage with groups such as Napalm Death, Despised Icon, Meshuggah, Brujeria, Dagoba, 25 Ta Life, Soziedad Alkoholika, Brothers Till We Die, KOP, Devil In Me, Sworn Enemy, Crisix, Wormed, Thirteen Bleed Promises, Proudz, Avulsed, Human Mincer, Skunk DF, Second Silence or Infernoise among others.

At the moment the band works in which it will be the fifth album of its trajectory, meanwhile, they continue touring by all the Spanish territory.

A1.6BD Artist LTD

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