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Blinding Sunrise is an italian band formed in 2011. Throughout their career they got through different genres and experimented different sounds.
After a few years spent inside the metalcore scene, during a tour in Ukraine they got interested in the anime world and made-in-japan music, that’s how their actual project started. After falling in love with Tokyo Ghoul and its characters, they decided they were ready to make their first cover of an anime opening.
It’s with Unravel that they reached an unexpected success, and from that moment they never stopped riding the Japan wave that brought them to hit more than 3 million views with Black Clover, which is still one of their best-known songs.
After a few years experimenting these new sounds, by covering other artist’s songs, Blinding Sunrise decided it was time to MAKE THEIR OWN MUSIC! In 2019 they released Mangekyo Dreams, their first original single, it’s their first original song with lyrics both in japanese and english.
The guys are very devoted to this project, at the point that they hired a Japanese teacher, whose name is Kaoru, that helped them with the translation and pronunciation of all the words in the song. Their second original work is Fuyu No Stars.
Then, they signed a contract with “Muchoo”, Avex’s department for YouTubers. Actually Avex is one of the biggest Major Labels in Japan. They’re working as hard as they can to grow as a band by costantly release new music and playing in anime festivals all over the world!

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