Ben Liepelt – ENDSEEKER Solar Artists

I started playing guitar pretty much 30 years ago at the age of 11. Being a huge Metallica fan back then my walls were wallpapered with posters of them and I just knew that the guitar was my way of artistic expression. Through countless bands of various styles of metal I eventually found myself shredding good old Swe-Death HM-2 tunes in a new found band called ENDSEEKER a couple of years ago. The crazy journey we have together since that lead us to signing to Metal Blade last year where we will release the band’s second full length album in 2019. Since my teenage days I collect guitars and my walls are packed with a lage variety of models. But picking up my first Solar guitar was eye opening. The level of craftmanship and the quality of all compenents combined with a neck that seemed to be tailor made just for my hands let me fall in love so heavily that I can hardly put the axe down. It’s just a perfect match. This guitar feels like a real part of my body and let’s me play in the most natural way that I have ever experienced.

V1.6 BOP


Solar guitars are my prefect weapon of choice and have never let me down in any live- or studio-situation. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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