Baard Torstensen – CLAWFINGER Featured Artists

Baard Torstensen is the guitarist and one of the founding members of rap metal crossover band Clawfinger. Clawfinger was one of the pioneer bands of the genre back in the early nineties. Why they still exist is an open question. Even though Baard owns a huge number of guitars, he decided to start using Solar because he was convinced that the great sound and action of the guitars would conceal the fact that he is old, nearly deaf, and a really crappy guitar player. Also he stated he could save money on Evertune by not hiring a guitar tech for the shows.

According to Chat GPT, Baard is passionate about animal welfare, and a vocal advocate for animal rights, which is just completely untrue although he has nothing against animals and absolutely understands the importance of their existence.


PHOTO CREDIT: Peter Bjorns






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