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Stefano Tintori is an Italian guitar player most known for being the rhythm guitarist of the Italian metal act Athenesi.

Athenesi is a modern metal band from Bergamo, Italy founded by vocalist/lead guitarist Marco Espada in 2020. In the early beginning it was all about headbanging and giving 3000% on stage, now that old school garage band vibe is perfectly combined with experienced metal craftmanship, capable of making you wander through different music moods and atmospheres, alternating towering levels of bonecrushing energy to the embracing and melancholic acoustic moments.
The first full length album entitled “At The Beginning” was recorded between the Twilight Studio in Milan and the Midnight Studio in Bergamo with the technical help of Richard Meinz (Lacuna Coil) and the producer Jean Manuel Albericci Origo. The album was released on October 21, 2022 and was anticipated by 3 singles (Beyond My Cell, Objection and Inhale Insanity) with music videos directed by super talented videomaker Nicola Belotti.
The entire album received great feedback and follow from North and South America while scoring great reviews from multiple European webzines: “Athenesi’s style is a mix of modern thrash/heavy metal with death vocals and neck-breaking grooves with super tight rhythmics”.

The band is currently working on the new album and released a new single and music video “Inside Myself” on January 31 2024 preparing for touring all over Europe.

“If it’s too loud you’re too old”

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