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Auditory Armory’s musical influences range from alternative to metal to progressive to ambient to jazz and the band’s sound is a unique blend of all of these genres. The band has been told on occasion that their songs have reminded people of very disparate artists — the comparisons ranging from Tool, Tori Amos, Porcupine Tree, Lacuna Coil, Opeth, Alice In Chains, and even Iron Maiden. It is part of the band’s credo to not confine themselves to any set rules of making music, but instead just “to write what they deeply feel.”

Formed in 2012 and hailing from Orlando, Florida, the band consists of members April Rose (Vocals/Guitar), Oscar Garcia (Drums), Justice Maynard (Bass), and Dennis Burns (Lead Guitar). With their talents combined, it’s like puzzle pieces perfectly locking into place: Oscar’s drumming style is precise and finessed; Dennis is masterful at technical, thrashy guitar leads; Justice, who is strongly influenced by djent metal and ambient music, can expertly create a textural atmosphere with his reverb-laden bass sound; April’s distinctive vocal timbre is both melodic and edgy, ranging from throaty lows to clear, angelic highs.  April, who is the primary songwriter of the band, possesses a guitar playing and songwriting style that fuses her formal training in music with her experimental singer/songwriter sensibilities.

Auditory Armory has had the honor of sharing the stage with Orgy, Nothing More, Fuel, Wednesday 13, Eyes Set to Kill, Motograter, Sarah Longfield, A Pale Horse Named Death, Felix Martin, Saliva, Full Devil Jacket, Straight Line Stitch, Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf), Bonz (from Stuck Mojo), and Mike Tramp (White Lion). In 2016, they were also selected to play the 3rd Annual Kink Music Festival alongside national acts such as Evanescence, HELLYEAH, and In Flames.

Auditory Armory continue to be in constant demand, with an active touring schedule across the state of Florida and beyond.  They are recognized for their powerful and energetic live performances and are versatile — often playing with hard rock/alternative bands just as much as with heavy metal bands. While one Auditory Armory song might be riff-driven, another song will have more of a somber, subdued tone that showcases April’s unique vocal timbre.  Bonz, the former front man of Stuck Mojo, described their music as “something vintage yet with a fresh twist.” Each member of the band is a strong musician in his or her own right; both April and Oscar have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music while Dennis and Justice have played in thrash metal bands for over 20 years in Florida and Louisiana, respectively.

Auditory Armory has three releases: The Awakening (2014), Dark Matter (2017), and Thousand Year Dream (2021).








“If you are genuinely feeling the music that you are playing, no matter what technique or notes you are using, it’s not wrong.”

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