Ade Himernio Adnis – NOXA Solar Artists

Noxa is an Indonesian grindcore band formed in Jakarta in 2002 by drummer Robin Hutagaol
and guitarist Ade Himernio Adnis. The band are known for playing grindcore accompanied by
political and
humanistic lyrics.
Noxa are known to bring political sociology and humanity theme lyrics in their music. Most of
their songs are grindcore typical with short duration, lasting only 1 or 2 minutes or even a few
The band was formed by Robin Hutagaol and Ade Himernio Adnis. They soon picked up
vocalist Tonny Christian Pangemanan and bassist Dipa Biomantara. The four member of the
band shared
the same university as students and have known each other for years, occasionally doing some
local gigs together. At first they played cover songs from grindcore bands like Nasum and
Napalm Death.

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