Wilson THRASHER Solar Artists

Member of:
Facelift Deformation (Guitarist)
Incestuous Impregnation (Guitarist, Audio Engineer)
Dimensional Decay (Guitarist)
Vicious Intent (Guitarist)
Vermicular Incubation (Guitarist, Audio Engineer)
Virginity Fraud (Guitarist, Audio Engineer)


1. Facelift Deformation–Dominating The Extermination (2018) via Inherited Suffering Records
2. Incestuous Impregnation–Gnashed Between Unholy Jaws (2018) via Lord of the Sick Recordings
3. Dimensional Decay–Inhuman Condition (2019) via Vicious Instinct Records | Chugcore International
4. Virginity Fraud–Rejected by Death, An Imperishable Torment (2019) via Miasma Records | VOMIT YOUR SHIRT

Featured Works:

1. Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship–殺してやるばんざーい !, from The Divine Union Of Serrated Flesh (2018)
2. Hurakan–Intergalactic Moo Moo Imperator, from Multiversal Entities of Abhorrent Hatred (2017)
3. Disorder–Baptized In Boiling Sewage, from Self-Titled EP (2017)

Wilson is a guitar player from Hong Kong who began learning guitar in 2009, at the age of 12 and was highly influenced by slamming brutal death metal, technical death metal and deathcore genres.

Inspired by Ola Englund as an online musician, Wilson started his channel ‘’Wilson Thrasher’’ in 2013. Now his channel has been known by covering a variety of extreme metal songs. Since 2016 he joined many featured projects and is currently running 3 bands, all with albums and EPs coming out in late 2018. With the passion for metal music, he keeps refining his guitar playing skills and aims to achieve more in his musician’s life.

Elegant design, solid construction, aggressive sounding and high stability. Solar guitars provide all the elements needed for guitar players who spend their time on the stage and in the studio. My A1.7ET is just a perfect brutal weapon. Truly awesome axe!

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