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We are a guitar brand founded by and for the bedroom, studio and touring guitar player. Our objective is to create outstanding, high-quality guitars that offer premium features and construction, all at a fair price. We strongly believe in innovation; that is why we have chosen to add features like the Evertune Bridge to several of our models.

We will build your guitar according to the highest possible standards so you can concentrate on what’s important to you: creating and performing the music you love.

Grab a coffee, compare our different models and their features and check out our artist videos. In other words, “stay a while and listen”!

Ola Englund


Solar Guitars Launches “S by Solar” Brand

In concert with Solar Guitars’ 6th Anniversary, the company, founded by renowned guitarist and online celebrity Ola Englund has announced a new brand named, “S by Solar”. Ola explains the thinking behind the new venture, “I started Solar Guitars with the Advanced & Pro player in mind. Now, I am…

SOLAR GUITARS Expands its Chop Shop Production Line with New “Desert Rose”

Solar Guitars continues to expand its new CHOP SHOP production of guitars finished and assembled at their main facility in Spain. The 3rd release, the “Desert Rose” is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the same name created by the extreme wind and sand in the world’s most foreboding desert…

SVART is the New BLACK

Solar Guitars, the brand founded by world renowned Guitarist and Gear Guru Ola Englund has redefined the most popular guitar color. Ola explains, “Svart is the new Black!, and with the black on black 12th fret insignia and custom carved headstock logo, there is none more black!.” The first model,…