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We are a guitar brand founded by and for the bedroom, studio and touring guitar player. Our objective is to create outstanding, high-quality guitars that offer premium features and construction, all at a fair price. We strongly believe in innovation; that is why we have chosen to add features like the Evertune Bridge to several of our models.

We will build your guitar according to the highest possible standards so you can concentrate on what’s important to you: creating and performing the music you love.

Grab a coffee, compare our different models and their features and check out our artist videos. In other words, “stay a while and listen”!

Ola Englund


SOLAR GUITARS Carves the Top of High-End Guitar Market with European Master Series Debut of First Type AC Model

Solar Guitars, founded by renowned guitarist and online celebrity Ola Englund has launches the second instrument from its new “Made in Europe”, European Master Series. This model, another totally new shape called Type AC, is visually striking at first glance with its elegantly carved top in Blood Red Raw Swamp…

SOLAR GUITARS Continues to Disrupt the Metal Guitar Market by Launching Full-line of Type-X Models

After endless drawings and sleepless nights, the extremely focused and motivated Solar Guitar product team succeeded to give birth to this violent but elegant and unique looking Type X guitar that Ola makes his own. Solar Guitars VP and product developer, Joe Delaney states, “Type X has been a long-term…

SOLAR GUITARS Bursts into the High-End Guitar Market with Announcement of European Master Series

In concert with Solar Guitars’ 5th Anniversary, the company, founded by renowned guitarist and online celebrity Ola England has launched the first instrument from its new “Made in Europe”,European Master Series. The first model, a striking X shape with an explosive maple flame top burst sets the stage for what…